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What is the role of a tax advisor for real estate

As a tax consultant specializing in real estate in your area, we provide you with competent support through the complex tax challenges involved in Acquisition, sale and property possession of real estate. We offer a wide range of services, including :

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For whom is a real estate tax consultant suitable?

Private person

Tax consultant with focus on real estate

Commercial trade

Internal company deadlines? We have the solution.

Fix and flip

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How the tax advisor protects you Focus on Real Estate

  1. Incorrect tax classification: The sale of a property can be misclassified, resulting in higher taxes.
  2. Mistakes in real estate Real Estate-Depreciation: Complex, requires understanding of tax laws and regulations. Without a tax advisor, mistakes can be made with depreciation, which can lead to a higher tax burden.
  3. Non-utilization of tax benefits: There are a number of tax benefits and deductions that can be used in real estate transactions. Without a tax advisor, you could overlook these benefits and pay more tax than you should.
  4. Errors in the real estate transfer taxThe calculation is complicated and requires knowledge of tax laws and regulations.
  5. Errors in inheritance or gift oder Schenkung of real estate can lead to tax. Without a tax advisor, you could make mistakes when calculating tax or overlook opportunities to reduce tax.
  6. Rental errors: Tax considerations for property rentals, such as rental income and expenses, are important.
  7. Errors in the restructuring of real estate holdings may have tax implications, e.g. through the transfer of real estate to a company.
  8. Errors in the taxation of foreign real estate may lead to complex tax issues.
  9. Counting properties and commercial property trading: The sale of several properties inevitably leads to dealing with so-called counted properties. The rules for trading in commercial commercial property were drawn up by the tax authorities. However, these rules are difficult to understand if you are not an expert. The consequences of a misjudgement can be considerable.eimmobilien wurden von der Finanzverwaltung aufgestellt. Diese Regeln sind jedoch schwer verständlich, wenn man kein Experte ist. Die Konsequenzen einer Fehleinschätzung können erheblich sein.
  10. Drafting contracts and calculating deadlines: There are people who do not want to wait the entire 10-year period to be able to sell a property tax-free. In such cases, they use a preliminary contract to protect the buyer before acquiring the property. However, it is important to note that such contracts are not legally binding without notarization.
  11. Asset-managing GmbH and photovoltaics: Asset-managing GmbHs are popular. They only pay 15% corporation tax and no trade tax if an extended trade tax reduction applies. This is the case if the GmbH exclusively manages real estate.
  12. Estate distribution and tax payments: It is not unusual for a community of heirs to want to be dissolved quickly. If an inherited property belongs to the community of heirs, it is often sold quickly. However, this can lead to unexpected burdens due to possible tax payments.
  13. Depreciation and purchase price allocation: To determine the annual depreciation for rented properties, the purchase price of the property must be divided up. This purchase price is made up of the value of the land and the value of the building. The Federal Ministry of Finance has developed an "Excel tool as a working aid" for this purpose. „Excel-Tool als Arbeitshilfe“ entwickelt.
  14. Family home and inheritance tax: For children and spouses, the inherited family home remains free of inheritance tax, provided it continues to be occupied for at least ten years. If the heir moves out of the family home before the ten years have expired, there is a risk of retrospective taxation.
  15. Study costs and tax savings: Parents cannot deduct the costs of their children's studies from their taxes if they pay for them. Children can only claim the costs of a first degree for tax purposes if they earn income in the same year. This income can come from letting and leasing, for example.
Real estate tax consultant

What does a Tax consultant for real estate in Berlin

We know how important professional advice is for you. That is why we always focus on your economic benefit. Our fees are based on the German Tax Consultant Remuneration Ordinance. However, we only use our expertise when we are sure that there is clear added value for you. Our extensive experience in the real estate sector enables us to offer you the best possible service at all times. Our aim is to ensure that our consultancy costs do not exceed your tax savings. We are here to give you the best advice and help you achieve your financial goals.

Attention, it hardly matters whether you are looking for a tax consultant in Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg or nearby. You should rather choose a specialized tax firm for real estate, as the expertise is more important than the local location. Nowadays, an appointment online can take place digitally via video within a few days, saving you time and helping you get started, and if it doesn't fit so far, you can still look for a tax advisor nearby. Try out our digital tax advisors for real estate and benefit from fast appointments and a high level of specialization.

Work sustainably with a specialist

Difference Real Estate Tax Advisor Online and before

FunctionR+R Tax consultantAncient advisors
Digital client portal for communication🔵🔴
Process consulting for real estate🔵🔴
Timely submission of the declaration to the tax authorities🔵🔵
Information on possible topics that interest you🔵🔴
Space for new mandates, as R+R works efficiently🔵🔴
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Possible development with a tax consultant for real estate

Steuerberater schwerpunkt immobilien

1 property

The beginning

We can help you find the smartest way to buy and sell.

1 property

3 Real estate

The first GmbH

We help you through the correct steps to determine when an Immo GmbH makes sense and what to look out for.

3 Real estate

>5 Real estate

The dangerous changeover

In addition to a real estate GmbH, a holding company or other legal form may be more sustainable.

>5 Real estate

What topics does the tax consultant for real estate in Berlin assist you with?

Real estate tax consultant:

Do you own real estate or are you planning to buy or rent it out? As tax consultants specializing in real estate, we can support you with all tax issues relating to your property.

Real estate purchase:

We advise you on the tax-optimized structure of your real estate purchase, from financing to real estate transfer tax. Buying real estate abroad can lead to opportunities, but also to problems. We prepare your tax return and look out for double taxation.

Real estate rental:

When renting out real estate, we support you in preparing the income statement, the profit calculation and the declaration of income from renting and leasing. The VV tax return is necessary for property owners. 

Real estate tax planning:

We show you ways to reduce your real estate taxes and structure your real estate investment in a tax-optimized way. Use our checklist to find out when tax structuring can be worthwhile.

Speculation tax:

The sale of real estate may be subject to speculation tax. We can advise you on how to avoid speculation tax. We will show you in a personal consultation when you should sell so that you do not fall under this. 

House tax return

Do you own real estate and now have to submit a VV tax return? We can support you. Tax declaration costs for real estate start at € 280.00.

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Frequently asked questions about real estate

No, we map all standard processes completely digitally. However, personal contact with our clients is also very important to us. Where necessary or sensible, we are also happy to meet in person at our office or at the client's premises.

Including advice on issues such as letting, property tax, income tax, gifts, VAT, trade tax and other types of tax relating to real estate.

Our clients have high expectations of the quality of our advisory services. For this reason, we have introduced various digital processes and tools in our firm to ensure compliance with our quality standards. In addition, the dual control principle and regular professional training and development are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. All this in order to be able to guarantee a high standard of quality in advising our clients at all times.

Various types of tax may be relevant to your property, including property tax, income tax, VAT, trade tax and other tax aspects relating to your property.


Yes, there are various ways to save taxes when renting out a property, e.g. by taking into account income-related expenses and depreciation for income tax purposes.

A gift of real estate is relevant for tax purposes if it exceeds certain amounts. Depending on the degree of relationship between the donor and the donee, gift tax and other tax aspects may be relevant.