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Simply transmit your invoices and documents digitally. We take care of the rest.

Support you constantly

In addition to day-to-day business, we support you in optimizing your company in terms of tax and business management.

Invest in Future

Our team of experienced professionals are here to provide you with the best advice and guidance when it comes to taxes

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Accounting done right

Unlock the full potential with our expert accounting services

Annual financial statements

We take care of your annual reporting obligations

German Tax declaration

Nutzen Sie unseren ganzheitlichen Service.


Effortless Tax Compliance

All relevant tax regulations with ease

Optimal financial strategy

Our expert holding service.

Invest in Future

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive tax services


Digital Tax Solutions at your fingertips 24/7 Service

In our Berlin tax office, we have digitized the entire process to enable efficient and location-independent collaboration.

Save time through Digitalization


Round-trip to
R+R Tax office


Less paper and


Transmission less chaotic

Our industry expertise

Private equity


A partnership based on trust and competence

The owner-managed law firm is familiar with dynamic future opportunities in the Metaverse and Web 3.0. It completes this area with tax optimization.
Ms. Rosenmeyer and Mr. Rosenhahn understand your problems very precisely and always meet you with understanding. This way, the conversations take place at eye level.
Ihr Unternehmen ist einzigartig.Anstatt mit Büchern und Seminaren überladen zu werden, bieten wir Ihnen die perfekte Lösung für Ihre individuelle Situation.
Ist Ihre Steuerbelastung bereits optimiert? Wie passt Ihre aktuelle Struktur zuIhren Zielen? Wir beraten Sie gerneund sorgendafür,dass Sie keine vermeidbaren Steuern zahlen.

Your biggest Advantages in an overview

Digital client portal for communication🔵 
using APIS for fast response🔵 
Active in Consultation🔵 
Digital advice with the latest technology🔵 
Quality management system


Communication via fax machine 
Bring in a document folder 
Transparent pricing🔵 
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Would you like a consultant with a holistic approach? We look forward to getting to know you.

Frequently asked questions at
Rosenmeyer + Rosenhahn Tax Consultants

No, we map all standard processes completely digitally. However, personal contact with our clients is also very important to us. Where necessary or sensible, we are also happy to meet in person at our office or at the client's premises.

Unsere Beratungsansätze sind so individuell wie unsere Mandanten. Wir beraten langfristig bei wiederkehrenden Themen (z.B. im Rahmen der Erstellung von Jahresabschlüssen und Steuererklärungen), aber auch anlassbezogen bei individuellen Themen.

Our clients have high expectations of the quality of our advisory services. For this reason, we have introduced various digital processes and tools in our firm to ensure compliance with our quality standards. In addition, the dual control principle and regular professional training and development are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. All this in order to be able to guarantee a high standard of quality in advising our clients at all times.

Wir betreuen kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen, deren Gesellschafter sowie private Investoren. Arbeitnehmer betreuen wir nur in Ausnahmefällen.

Die Erstellung von Steuererklärungen, Jahresabschlüssen und Finanzbuchhaltungen rechnen wir in der Regel nach tatsächlichem Zeitaufwand (Stundensatz) oder nach Gegenstandswerten (Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung) ab. Dabei richten wir unseren Blick immer auf die Qualität unserer Arbeitsergebnisse sowie eine wirtschaftliche und effiziente Arbeitsweise. Wir erstellen Ihnen gerne ein individuelles und detailliertes Angebot.

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Steuerberater in Berlin

Directly from the capital to you with only a few clicks. From this point on, we are able to serve our clients both locally and internationally.