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As tax consultants for Berlin Zehlendorf, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional and customized solutions. With our extensive expertise and many years of experience, we help investors and companies meet their tax obligations and achieve their financial goals

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Are you in Berlin Zehlendorf and looking for a tax consultant?

Are you an investor or entrepreneur and need a competent tax consultant in Berlin-Zehlendorf and the surrounding area? Then we, R+R Steuerberater, are your trustworthy point of contact for all tax matters. With our many years of experience in tax law, we are your reliable partner. Get to know us and let us convince you of our expertise.

So that you can concentrate on your core business.

Logical reasons for working with R+R tax consultants


As a paperless law firm, we pave the way for easy collaboration. To this end, we have an internal 24/7 client portal and offer tax advice in German and English.

24/7 appointment booking

You can use our client service to select a suitable time of day and our expert will call you back.

Holistic consulting

To ensure that you as a client achieve your financial goals, we rely on tax and business management advice in our long-standing collaboration.

Tax consultant services in Berlin Zehlendorf

Our digital tax consultants for Zehlendorf offer comprehensive advice and expertise in the areas of tax consulting, annual financial statements and accounting. Contact us now for professional support and optimal tax planning in Spandau. You can rely on our experience and expertise.

Our expertise lies in particular in advising the following client groups

Tax consultancy for investors

We enable investors to take advantage of the benefits of tax law

Tax advice for private clients

Do you own a property and need to prepare your income tax return?

Tax consultancy for entrepreneurs

We provide tax advice for small and medium-sized companies.

Understanding tax advice at eye level for Berlin Zehlendorf


As a tax office for Berlin-Zehlendorf, we specialize in comprehensive tax advice and support for freelancers and companies. We are also able to support you in the preparation of reports for your parent company, both in German and in English.

You can rely on our conscientious approach, regardless of whether you are setting up your company, dealing with day-to-day tax matters or preparing informative reports for your parent company. Our dedicated team attaches great importance to individual support and transparent communication at eye level. Try it out for yourself.


Facts about Berlin Zehlendorf


Berlin-Zehlendorf is a district known for its tranquil atmosphere, rich history and numerous sights. The following is an overview of the historical development of Zehlendorf, its most important sights and the preferred residential and recreational areas of its inhabitants.

Zehlendorf is one of Berlin's greenest districts and has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. Originally, it was a village that lived from agriculture. Over the centuries, Zehlendorf transformed into an affluent suburb of Berlin, especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when wealthy Berliners began to build their summer residences there. The area became known for its idyllic landscape and exclusive villa colonies, which still characterize the cityscape today.

Zehlendorf offers a variety of sights that are both culturally and historically significant:

  • Glienicke Palace: One of the highlights in Zehlendorf is Glienicke Palace, which is located near the Glienicke Bridge. It was redesigned in the 19th century by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in neoclassical style and is now open to the public.
  • Peacock Island: Peacock Island in the Havel is a popular excursion destination. The island is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its romantic parkland and historic castle.
  • Allied Museum This museum documents the history of the Western Allies in Berlin during the Cold War and is housed in the former US military buildings.
  • Botanischer Garten: Der Botanische Garten in Zehlendorf gehört zu den größten und artenreichsten Gärten der Welt. Er bietet eine beeindruckende Sammlung von Pflanzen aus aller Welt.

The Grunewald and Düppeler Forests are popular destinations for hikers and cyclists. In addition, the historic town centers of Zehlendorf with their cafés and small stores invite you to linger.

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Frequently asked questions from your digital tax advisor

No, we map all standard processes completely digitally. However, personal contact with our clients is also very important to us. Where necessary or sensible, we are happy to meet in person at our office or at the client's premises. Interested parties who would like to use Lexoffice can contact us here.

Our consulting approaches are as individual as our clients. We provide long-term advice on recurring issues (e.g. as part of the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns), but also on individual issues on an ad hoc basis. Our services show what we offer.

To get in touch with us, you can simply use our online form. Enter your contact details and a brief description of your request. We will get back to you.

Existing clients appreciate the many years of cooperation with R+R and benefit from our personal support.

Choosing the best provider of tax advice for Berlin Zehlendorf is a subjective decision. What matters is that you find a tax advisor who suits you and offers the services you need.

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