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As tax consultants for Berlin Lichtenberg, we pride ourselves on offering our clients professional and customized solutions. With our extensive expertise and many years of experience, we help investors and companies meet their tax obligations and achieve their financial goals.

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Are you a business owner in Berlin Lichtenberg and looking for a tax consultant?

Are you an investor or entrepreneur and need a competent tax consultant in Berlin-Lichtenberg and the surrounding area? Then we, R+R Steuerberater, are your trustworthy point of contact for all tax matters. With our many years of experience in tax law, we are your reliable partner. Get to know us and let us convince you of our expertise.

So that you can concentrate on your core business.

Reasons for working with R+R tax consultants


As a paperless law firm, we pave the way for easy collaboration. To this end, we have an internal 24/7 client portal and offer tax advice in German and English.

24/7 appointment booking

You can use our client service to select a suitable time of day and our expert will call you back.

Holistic consulting

To ensure that you as a client achieve your financial goals, we rely on tax and business management advice in our long-standing collaboration.

Services for tax advice in Berlin Lichtenberg

Our digital tax consultants for Lichtenberg offer comprehensive advice and expertise in the areas of tax advice, annual financial statements and accounting. Contact us now for professional support and optimal tax planning in Spandau. You can rely on our experience and expertise.

Our expertise lies in particular in advising the following client groups

Tax consultancy for investors

We enable investors to take advantage of the benefits of tax law

Tax advice for private clients

Do you own a property and need to prepare your income tax return?

Tax consultancy for entrepreneurs

We provide tax advice for small and medium-sized companies.

Tax advice at eye level for Berlin Lichtenberg


As a digital tax office in Berlin-Charlottenburg, we specialize in providing tax advice and support to investors and  companies. Our aim is to provide digital consulting services at the highest level and to satisfy our clients.

Are you looking for a consultant with a holistic, digital approach? We look forward to getting to know you. Contact us to find out more!


Facts about Berlin Lichtenberg


Berlin Lichtenberg, located in the eastern part of the city, is a district with an interesting industrial past and a diverse cultural offering. The district has developed into an up-and-coming district in recent years and offers a mixture of historical sites, urban flair and green oases.

Lichtenberg was once a center of industrial production and was home to large factories and industrial complexes. Today, some of these industrial areas have been transformed into creative cultural centers and event venues, such as the Storkower Bogen area and the former Rummelsburg depot. Lichtenberg was once an independent village that was first mentioned in documents in the 13th century. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Lichtenberg developed into an industrial location and quickly grew into a residential area. Today, Lichtenberg is a district characterized by its historic buildings, squares and parks. One notable place in Lichtenberg is the Stasi Museum. The museum is located in the former headquarters of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR and offers an insight into the surveillance methods and repression practices during the time of the German Democratic Republic.

Lichtenberg also has a number of green recreational areas. Tierpark Berlin, one of the oldest zoos in Germany, is a popular excursion destination for families. The Herzberge Landscape Park offers extensive green spaces, ponds and walking paths.
Der Park beherbergt auch das Krankenhaus Berlin-Lichtenberg, das historische Gebäude und moderne medizinische Versorgung miteinander verbindet.

Another remarkable place in Lichtenberg is the Obersee, an idyllic lake with a picturesque lakeside promenade. Here, visitors can take boat trips, go fishing or simply enjoy nature. The nearby Rummelsburger See also offers opportunities for water sports activities such as sailing, canoeing and stand-up paddling.

Lichtenberg is a district that combines both historical heritage and modern culture. With its industrial relics, the Stasi Museum and the green recreational areas, the district offers an interesting variety of sights and leisure opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions from your digital tax advisor

No, we map all standard processes completely digitally. However, personal contact with our clients is also very important to us. Where necessary or sensible, we are happy to meet in person at our office or at the client's premises. Interested parties who would like to use Lexoffice can contact us here.

Our consulting approaches are as individual as our clients. We provide long-term advice on recurring issues (e.g. as part of the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns), but also on individual issues on an ad hoc basis. Our services show what we offer.

To get in touch with us, you can simply use our online form. Enter your contact details and a brief description of your request. We will get back to you.

Existing clients appreciate the many years of cooperation with R+R and benefit from our personal support.

Choosing the best provider of tax advice for Berlin Lichtenberg is a subjective decision. What matters is that you find a tax advisor who suits you and offers the services you need.

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